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St Mary's is one of three churches in the combined Parish of St Mary the Virgin, Broughton Astley,
St Michaels, Stoney Stanton and St Michaels and All Angels, Croft.
Christians have worshipped in our church for the past 900 years. May you enjoy your visit to our website......

During this difficult time, the work of our church is reliant on people’s generosity, a generosity that is a hallmark of a lived-out faith and a testament to it.

We give to our church in a variety of ways, but with the past closure of all our buildings we have not been able to receive all the gifts that we usually would, so we really need your help now. If you are able to give more at this time, please visit our online donations page by clicking on the following link or scanning the QR code.

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 St Mary's Broughton Astley
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Broughton Astley

Listed variously as Broctone, Brostone and Brotone, in the Domesday  Survey of 1086, and deriving its second name from its Lord of the Manor, Broughton Astley was once a small and somewhat scattered community, also encompassing the settlements of Sutone (Sutton-in-the -Elms) and Thorp (Primethorpe). It is now established in these three principal areas.

Census returns indicate that in 1086 there were 28 families, and in 1901 there was a population of 1172 in the village. In 1960 there was 1660, but since the 1969 Village Development Plan, there has been considerable growth – in 1991 the census return indicated that 6487 people lived in Broughton Astley -  and now, at the beginning of the 21st century, there are nearer 8000 people living here.

Click to enlarge - taken at Service on 11/11/01


For those interested in genealogy, a survey of the Churchyard was completed in 1981 by the Broughton Astley W.I. - details can be found here. Also of interest is the "Roll of the Fallen in two World Wars"

Location - Postcode for Sat Navs is LE9 6XS

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Reverend Antony Pritchett – History and Guide Book; Role of the Fallen in Broughton Astley

Thomas North - The Church Bells of Leicestershire

John Nichols - The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicestershire.

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